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I am a retired dental hygienist. I worked for  twenty-five years with children and their parents in the Department of Human  Services, Washington, D. C. You may ask how does one go from a dental  hygienist to a romance writer. Most dental hygienist are warm, fuzzy,  intuitive and creative. Some of them are gentle, as was in my case. My  patients faught to stay with me. Novelists are warm, fuzzy, intuitiave and creative. When I begin writing, I have my story and characters mapped in my mind.  I rewrite and edit after I have finished the story on paper. Then I use  the computer. I dont like to use an outline. I begin with a premise or  a situation, always with a character, or two, that I think that I'm  going to love. If the characters come alive, they take the story places I  could never have forseen I do not move to page two until page one is as  perfect as I can make it. On average, I do twenty to thirty drafts on a  page, occasionally more, and then proceed to the next page. At the end  of each chapter, I print and pencil the text a few times to catch  problems I did not see on the computer.  I have always read romance books since high school. I was caught  reading a $.25 romance book in class by my history teacher and my literature  teacher. I was fascinated by romance stories. After I married my high  school sweetheart, I finished college, had one daughter and two sons,  got them enrolled in school and sat down to write. It has been very  rewarding.  (max 300 words)      

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A Faithful Choice, 2000  143 pages.    

All My Bright  Tomorrows, 2002 143 pages

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Gold Pin and certificate from Maryland Romance  Writers in recognition of my achievement as a published author in Novel  Length Fiction, May 2005, and a pin  and certificate,in  recognition of my  achievement as an author published in Short Sory/Anthology Fiction.  

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Pending with  Devas of Romance All Stars and Shades of  Romance Magazine.

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Shades of Romance e-zine in April 2006

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free, Maryland Romance of  America-online, Airleaf Book Sellers,and Spotlight Publicity, (Lincoln,  Nebraska)   
RomanceWritersClub, LetsTalkBooks, PublishAmericaAuthors, Ourbooks2,

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a. by check or money order sent to my postmail address.
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Publish America,
P.O. Box 151 Frederick, MD 21705.     

Theresa Grant,
4917 Morning Glory Court,
Rockville,  MD 20853    

b. Tel:301-695-1707 Publish America,
301-929-1154 Theresa Grant

c. Fax:301-631-9073 Publish America     
M. Date Created: March 26, 2006, Sunday

Theresa Grant,
Writer from Maryland, USA
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Hope & Desire
by Theresa Grant

Visit:  Theresa Grant's  Bookstore.
Title of your book: Hope and Desire

Your Full Name: Theresa E. Grant

Book ISBN: 1-4137-5860-6 

Genre: Novella-Romance

You may order the book at:

Author's Website:

Author's State: Maryland

Author's Country: USA

Author's Publisher: Publish America

Publisher's Website:

Publisher's State/Province:
Publisher's State/ProvinceFrederick,MD.

Book Date of Release:February 2006

Book Format: paperpaperback and  electronic

Book Size: 5 -1/2 x  8-1/2

Book Price: $16.95

Bookstore/s selling author's book:
Barnes& Noble
Publish America

Book Short Description:

(No. of pages, 40-50 word synopsis)

Jennifer Greene wants to be a  fashion designer. She works two jobs and saves her her money. Her sister  steals the money and goes to New York. Jennifer works for a man who later  tricks her into marriage. She escapes, falls in love, and is tried for  murder.

Author's Description
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Theresa, a vivacious red head, is an avid reader and a romantic at heart. She  has loved to read romance since high school, which got her into  trouble; her teacher caught her reading in class. she married her high school  sweetheart,who gives her inspiration, has a daughter and two sons. she  loves classical music, romantic movies, and dining out twice a week.  Her favorite colores are: black, purple, brown and green. She has studied  fiction writing at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, online  courses with and a correspondence course with Long  Ridge Writers Group. She is a member of the Maryland Romance Writers  Group, and Romance Writers of America. 

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