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A. Name of Artist:
Dimitris P. Kraniotis

B. About the Author:

Dimitris P. Kraniotis was born in July 15, 1966 in Stomio, a coastal town in central Greece.He studied at the Medical School in Thessaloniki.  He lives and works as a medical doctor specialized pathologist in Larissa, Greece. He is vice-president of the Larissa Writers' and Poets' Society, the editorial director of the medical magazine "Hippocrates" and a member of the Board of Directors of the Larissa Medical Association and Larissa Medical Society . He is a member of the Hellenic Literary Society, International Society of Greek Writers,  World Academy of Arts and Culture (WAAC), International Writers and Artists Association (IWA), United Poets Laureate International (UPLI), International Society of Poets (ISP),  Poetry Society of America (PSA) and The Academy of American Poets. Three of his poetic collections have been published:
Traces (poems in Greek, 1985), Clay Faces (poems in Greek, 1992) and Fictitious Line (poems in Greek, English and French, 2005). Central theme in his poetry is contemporary man, his impasse, his worries, his fears, his hopes and dreams.

. Products/ Services

Sellling Poetrybooks, medical consultancy,

. Books Published:

Traces,(1985),pages 48,
Clay Faces,(1992),pages 64,
Fictitious Line (2005), pages 144.

E. Website Addresses:



(International Poet ezine)
(World Poets Society) (Organization)

. Literary Awards:

1) In 2003, Silver Medal by the International Academy "Lutece" in Paris (France) for the book "Clay Faces",
2)In 2004, Gold-Vermeil Medal by the International Academy "Lutece" in Paris (France) for the book "Traces",
3)In 2005, Gold-Vermeil Medal by the International Academy "Lutece" in Paris (France) for the book "Fictitious Line",
4) In 2005, "Special Award in Poetry of the Year 2005" in 1st Poetry Festival of Thessaloniki (Greece),
5) In 2005, nominee "Poet Of The Year 2005" by International Society Of Poets (U.S.A.),
6) In 2005, Silver Award Bowl and Medallion (Poet of Merit Award) by the International Society Of Poets in Washington D.C.(U.S.A.),
7) In 2005, "International Professional of the Year 2005" by International Biographical Centre of Cambridge (England),
8) In 2005, "Editor's Choice Award" by International Library of Poetry (U.S.A.) for his poem "Ideals" ,
9) In 2005 Honorary Gold-Silver Plaquette by the Perfect of Larissa (Greece), 
10) In 2005 Honorary Gold-Silver Plaquette by the Larissa Medical Association "Hippocrates" (Greece),
11) In November 2005 "Person of the Month" in magazine "Kappa Style" (by newspaper "Imerisios Kirikas", Larissa, Greece)
12) In 2005 "Editor's Choice Published Poet Award of the Year" by the International Library of Poetry (USA), 
13) In 2006 "Gold Medal and 2nd International Prize in Literature of the year 2005" by the International Society of Greek Writers for his book "Fictitious Line" , 
14) In 2006 "Golden Pen Award Winner" in "Art Arena" site (Great Britain),
15) In 2006 "Special Commendation" in 4th International Poetry Competition in "First Writer" site for his poem "Fictitious line",
16) In 2006 nominee "Best Poem of the Year 2005" with his poems "Ideals", "Illusions" and "The end" in "2nd Muses Prize - Poetry" (USA),
17)In 2006 nominee - Best Tragic Poem of the Year 2005 his poem "The End"  in "2nd Muses Prize - Poetry" (USA), 18)  In 2006 "Gold Medal and 1st Prize in Poetry" by the International Society of Greek Writers in the "Celebration of Poets" (Greece).

18.  2nd Muses Prize - Best Multi-lingual Poetrybook. (Special Award)

G. Interviews:  (Print, e-zine, tv, radio, )

Muses Review: June 2007

H . Sample Works Feature in:

My website: www.dimitriskraniotis.com
Muses Review

I . Book Advertisements In:

My website: www.dimitriskraniotis.com
Muses Review

J. Books Sold in Bookstores:

a. Online Bookstores:
b. Concrete Bookstores:

K. How To Order My Book:

Send check or money order; to:
a. By mail to: Dimitris P. Kraniotis,
2,Panagoulis str., 41222 Larissa (Greece), EU,
b. By e-mail to: dkraniotis@yahoo.gr

L. Contact Info:

Dimitris P. Kraniotis,
a. e-mail: dkraniotis@yahoo.gr
b. Postmail Address: Dimitris P. Kraniotis, 2,Panagoulis str., 41222 Larissa (Greece)
c. Tel: email me first.
d. Fax:

M. Date Homepage created: Feb 3, 2006.

Dimitris P. Kraniotis
Poet based in Greece
Buy this book, Fictitious Line by
Dimitris P. Kraniotis
Dimitris P. Kraniotis
Poet based in Greece
Book Data:

: Fictitious Line
: Dimitris P. Kraniotis
Poetry in Greek, French, English
: Em  Lavdakis (Larissa, Greece)
Date released: 2005
Book Size:
5.5 in x 8 in
Book Format:
paper back
Book Binding:
perfect binding
Shipping cost (1pc):
$4 (within Greece)
$5 (other EU states). 10$ (outside EU)

Method of payment:
Check or money order.
Send your orders and check/money order to:

Dimitris P. Kraniotis
2,Panagoulis str., 41222 Larissa (Greece), EU,

Order by email: dkraniotis@yahoo.gr
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Clay Faces (1992)
by Dimitris P. Kraniotis
64 pages
Traces (1985)
by Dimitris P. Kraniotis
48 pages