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Still Life With Martini 

Alan Catlin (New York) 
Drunk And Disorderly (2003) 

They think its funny
that my bar nickname
is Doctor Death.
I never killed any of 
those people who dropped 
dead on me, it's just
that their numbers came up
in my shift. The guy that
fell over and heart attacked
at my feet. I never even
served. Nor did I give
that Lady at the Itie
anything; I pass the cordial
cart by and she croaks 
That's my fault, right?
Ernie never even touched 
the martini before
he had an aneuryism  
in the bathroom. He died at 
my feet, thirty-three years
old. I could see that
martini I made  him
shimmering on the table
long after he was gone.
losing its chill.  


The Ghost Road 

Alan Catlin (New York) 
Death Angels (2004), p .2 

In Nam--
half in jest--
we called every 
road, every path, 
every where 
we went
highways to hell 
they were
once you saw
where we went
when we walked
there ending up
like human
litter not fit
for body bags,
ghost patrols
for the dis-
lost spirits
one and all. 

Death of Angels is a book of short stories with poems. 

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