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About Alan Catlin

Alan Catlin  is from Schenectady, New York.  He has been publishing in small press and university magazines since the early 1970s. He recently retired from his profession as a barman after spending 25 years in Albany's legendary Washington Tavern. He has won numerous awards and contests and has been nominated 16 times for Puschcart Prize. he is currently working on several projects including a companion volume of short stories tentatively entitled The Business and possible a book on his bar experiences called Chaos Management.
Poetry Chapbooks Published:

Dawn on the Beach (5$) Snark Publications
Views of Mt. Greylock ($5) Snark Publications.
Screaming Mimis (Book V in the Killer Cocktail Series) ($5) Butcher Shop Press.
Last Bus from Albany - 8.95$ (
Greatest Hits -(8.95$) Pudding Publications.
The Leper's Kiss - (6$)
Stop Making Sense ($6)
Shelley and the Romantics - ($7) Adastra Press
Full length Poetry books:

a. The Schenectady Chainsaw Massacre (10$)
Staplegun press.
b. Drunk and Disorderly-A Selected Poems (14$)
Pavement Saw Press.

Prose Chapbooks:
a. Death Angels. (6$)
Four Sep Publications.

Prose Novella:
a. From the Waters of Oblivion. (10$)
Available from auhor or Kindred Spirit Press. 
Website Addresses:
*1st Manila Prize - Best Poetrybook,
The Sehenectady Chainsaw Massacre
Online Magazine Interviews:

Muses Review (Featured Poet In October 2005)
Manila Review - Featured Poet of May 2005
Sample poems featured in:

Muses Review, etc.
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Buy This Book: 14$
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Muses Review, Snark Publications, Butcher shop Press, Pudding House, Four-sep press, Marchstreet Press.
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