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Pamela De Leon -Lewis
Poet based in New York
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Title: Smiling Thru the Tears
Author:Pamela De Leon -Lewis
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1 - 4137- 7070-3
Publisher: Publish America
Date released: 2005
Book Size: 5.5 in x 8 in
Book Format: paper back
Book Binding: perfect binding
Price: $19.95
Shipping cost (1pc): $4 (within New York) $4 (other US states). 10$ (outside US)

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B. About the Author:

Pamela deLeon- Lewis was the Editor-in-Chief of her  college newspaper and the Sr. Associate Editor of-CalypSoca Beat  Magazine. Faced with  breast cancer, Pamela expressed her feelings with  confrontational poetry and motivational articles. She writes plays, songs,  essays, short stories, and travels extensively to spread the word  against this terrible disease. Pamela is also an advocate and Legislative  Ambassador for ACS.  

C. Products and Services: 

Selling poetrybooks, organizing poetry shows, etc.

D. Books Published:

Smiling Thru the Tears- A Breast Cancer Survivor  Odyssey published June 25, 2005,  174 pages  

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. Literary Awards: 

Editor Choice awards,
Poet/Poetry of the Year  nomination and
Pulitzer Prize ( poetry) consideration
>2nd Muses Prize - Best Poetryboook of Year 2005-Female: Smiling Thru The Tears.
>2nd Muses Prize - Best New Poet of Year 2005-Female
>2nd Muses Prize - Best Poem of Year 2005- Female:
"I Fought The Fight"

  G. Interviews: 

(Print, e-zine, tv, radio, ) Courier Life/ Caribbean Magazine, WVIT/NBC,  Radio LaKay, LTH Weekly, WWDJ,LAVA Radio, PowertalkFM, Global Talk  radio,AllTalk Radio 

  H. Sample Works Feature in:

Ezine,, Euro-Review,  Muses Review,, First B/C First Signs, and several cancer  sites

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Let's Talk Honestly, my personal website,  authorsden, metamorphosis website,,  Terris heart and  several other websites.

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  a. Online Bookstores:
Amazon, Barnes& Noble, Borders, Books-a-million  and most online stores
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Paypal, check,money order on my homepage or  through online bookstores

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