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Nadia Brown: Poet from Florida

Interview Conducted by Andrew Angus, Editor of Muses Review
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Note: The interview is cut short because the full interview will be published in the print edition of Muses Review.
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Unscrambled Eggs
Naida Brown,
Poet  from Florida
Buy this poetrybook:
Unscrambled Eggs

Part I. Your Opinion. 

1. Muses: Tell the readers about your latest poetrybook (Unscrambled Eggs) .

NB: Unscrambled Eggs, is an honest and thought-provoking book that deals with everyday life experiences and issues that we face daily. It is a compilation of poems about living your dream and finding purpose. The poems are both fiction and nonfiction pieces and range in topics from past errors to slavery to dreams and hopes.

2.Muses: What inspired you to write poetry? 

NB: I have always been attracted to the arts, whether it was music or dance. There has also been a part of me that love to entertain. I first started writing songs, so writing poetry was just a natural progression.

3. Muses: What are your favorite themes in writing poetry?

NB: I enjoy writing about real issues, no matter the subject. I can't say that I have a favorite theme. I like to write about various topics that anyone can relate to - regardless of its theme.

My writings are usually diverse in nature; although, the theme in Unscrambled Eggs is about purpose and finding your divine destiny.  

4. Why should people read your poetrybook (Unscrambled Eggs) ?

NB: Unscrambled Eggs informs, offers value, add depth and give meaning to the daily lives of readers.  It inspires and entertains. But mostly, it is universal in appeal, a book even non-poetry lovers could enjoy.

5. Muses: Can poets earn a living in poetry as musicians do?

NB: Nothing is impossible, so I would say that they can. I think people can make a living out of poetry but it requires them to be resourceful, a savvy marketer, there product (poetry books, service) has to have a broad appeal, and having some luck won't hurt. I admit that I am also still learning about all aspects of this industry.

6. Muses: Who chose the cover design and why?

NB: I had a lot of input on the cover design. Basically, I wanted it to reflect the title and contributed my ideas about the look and feel to my publishing company's illustrator.

7. Muses: Describe yourself? (athletic, shy, etc.)

NB: I consider myself to be a soft-spoken, quiet and shy individual. Though, my writings tend to be personal; I am a very private person.

8. Muses: Where can people buy your poetrybook (online and physical bookstores) ?

NB: Those who would like to purchase Unscrambled Eggs can do so from all major online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc. They can also visit Publish America or my website a to order their copy. 

9. Muses: What countries have you visited so far? 

NB: On several occasions I have had the pleasure of visiting the island of Jamaica.  It's been years since my last visit.  I have also visited Bahamas on a cruise vacation a while ago.   It is also a goal of mine to travel to Europe, Asia, and South America.  

10. Muses: What recreational activities do you do when you do not compose poetry?

NB: Each day I take long walks for exercise - usually in the late evenings when the time is much cooler. I love listening to music and attending my brother's football games. I sometimes watch a lot of sports. I enjoy reading a good book of poetry and have also launched a new website for aspiring and established authors alike -- that provides authors needing help with FREE marketing tips, promotional articles and resources. Authors can visit the new website at

11. Muses: What is the responsibility of poets to their audience?

NB: I think a poet's responsibility is to be true to themselves. They can only write what's in their heart, what they are passionate about and do so to the best of their abilities and hope that readers will relate to it.

12. Muses: What event/s triggered you to go into poetry?

NB: Obviously, personal events, life issues, experiences, things I empathize with inspire my poems. But what triggered my writing of poetry was my love for the arts - music, dance, and songwriting.

13. Muses: How do you see yourself in five years time as a poet? 

NB: I see myself further developing my skills as a poet and writer. I also see myself more extensively published to national and 5 star publications. Five years from now I hope Unscrambled Eggs would have become a best-seller. 

14. Muses: What significant or minor awards have you received related to poetry?

NB: Unscrambled Eggs, is an award-winner, receiving the Poetry Book of Merit Award from the American Authors Association. Unscrambled Eggs is nominated for the " Noble"  Prize for Literature. I was also 2nd Place Winner of Nubian Poets 2001 Poetry Contest and was honorable Mentioned for Nubian Poets 2002 Poetry Contest.

15. Muses: Briefly, tell us something about yourself?

NB: I enjoy reading poetry, the Bible, political topics, sports pages and following my brother's college football games. I also really enjoy music and listening to Otis Redding. I like art and photography, warm weather, taking passionate walks - films and concerts. And now that I'm an author, I spend a lot of time promoting Unscrambled Eggs.

16. Muses: Do you organize poetry workshops or poetry contests? 

NB: I have organized several Unscrambled Eggs poetry contests since last year. And have received hundreds of participants international. So far, Unscrambled Eggs poetry contest has had three different winners receiving various prizes such as, cash, jazz CD, and an autography copy of the book Unscrambled Eggs. There will also be another U.E. poetry contest that I will be organizing later this year.

17. Muses: What is your favorite poem in Unscrambled Eggs and why? 

NB: It is hard for me to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the title poem, Unscrambled Eggs. I like Unscrambled Eggs because it is a foreshadowing of the book's  theme and the message the book conveys.

18. Muses: Who is your favorite female poet? 

NB: There are many poets that I respect, have admiration for -- not all of them are famous -- and have learned from. But my favorite poet has been and will most likely always be Maya Angelou.

19. Muses: What is the latest poetry book (not your book) you have read? 

NB: "Nine Horses" by Billy Collins is the most recent poetry book that I have read. It is the first book I've ever read from him.

20. Muses:Have you experienced judging poetry contests before?

NB: Yes, I have. I've organized several poetry contests before and have judged in one of them.

21. Muses: Aside from Muses Review, what other literary ezine/s you like to visit?

NB: I like visiting Writer Gazette, The Writer's Life, All Things Girl, Absolute Write are among my favorites.

Part II. Your Background

1. Muses: Were you interviewed in a literary magazine or newspaper before?
NB: Yes 

2. Muses:   If Yes, can you name the literary magazine which interviewed you? 

NB: I've recently done and interview with All Things Girl 2006, April - May issue and have an upcoming interview with The Gazette newspaper in August 2006.

   3. Muses: Is "Unscrambled Eggs" your first poetrybook ?

NB: Yes

4. Muses: How many pieces of the poetrybook "Unscrambled Eggs" have you sold so far?

NB: Unscrambled Eggs has received the Poetry Book of Merit award and has also been nominated. It has also gotten many rave reviews. Though I believe the book is doing well, at the present time I don't yet have a precise total of the amount that has been sold.

5. Muses: How did you learn to compose poetry? 

NB:  I learned how to write poetry by reading psalms from the bible. I also spent hours reading poetry by experience poets; I would pray about it and literarily learned to write it on my own.

  6. Muses: At what age did you start writing poems seriously?

NB: I started writing seriously at the age of 25. Shortly after that time, I was published to my first literary publication and won the very first poetry contest I entered.

  7. Muses: Who encouraged you to write poetry?

NB: No one person encouraged me to write poetry whe I first began writing it. I was inspired to write poetry by songwriters who I had admired. And once I started writing poetry I was later encouraged by my family and writer friends to continue to pursue this passion. 

8. Muses: Why do you write your poems in free verse instead of rhymed verse?

NB: The majority of publications don't publish rhymed verse, so I've gotten use to writing free verse --which is what most publication publishes. 

  9. Muses: Do you have a favorite living poet?

NB: Yes

10. Muses: If yes, can you name the living poet? 

NB: Maya Angelou

11. Muses: Why do you like this particular living poet? 

NB: Aside from the fact that her poems are exemplarily, I like Maya because I love reading poetry that inspires, has value, or is meaningful in some way. I've always been inspired by those attributes which I believe her work embodies. 

12. Muses: Who among the poets (dead/living) influenced you? 

NB: Poets like Erin Elizabeth and Kristy Bowen are two of my favorite poets that are not famous. Erin Elizabeth in particular has affected my writing the most. I think she is truly a gifted poet. Of all the poets I admired I believe my writing style is most similar to Erin's. 

13. Muses: In your opinion, why is it big publishing firms do not accept poetrybook manuscripts from new poets? 

NB: Publishing firms believe that poetrybooks and books in other genres from new poets and writers are hard to sell in general -- poetry in particular. In my opinion, I think if your work has a universal appeal, is original, or is of value you will always be able to find a considerable number of readers for your work.

14 Muses: Which is better   "Print on demand"  or "Subsidized Publishing" - as the best path for first-book poets? Why? 

NB: Print on Demand (POD) I believe is the best path for first-book poets because chances are if poets are not successful in marketing their books they may not make back the money they've invested to publishing their books -- and sometimes that can be hundreds, if not thousands of dollar spent to have their books published.

15. Muses: Is your latest poetrybook - self-published or published by a big publishing company? 

NB: I couldn't afford to self-publish my manuscript, and I had decided to wait and looked-for the right opportunity. One of my writer friends recommended a publishing company, so I submitted my manuscript to them, and six months later I had my first-book published with Publish America.

16. Muses:Do you make book reviews before and now?
NB: Yes 

17. Muses:Have you published a book that is not a poetry book?

NB: No 

18. Muses:Are you single or married or divorced or widowed or remarried?
NB: Single

19. Muses:What company published your poetrybook?

NB: Unscrambled Eggs was published by Publish America, July 5, 2005.

20. Muses:Where were you born? 

NB: I was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

21. Muses: Where did you grow up? 

NB: South Florida

22. Muses:What state are you living right now?

NB: I currently live in Miami, Florida.

23. Muses: Your school background: Name the following schools you attended: 

NB: Grade School:____Norland Middle School 

  High School:_______Norland Senior High School

   College:___________Florida Atlantic University 

  College Course:__International Business  

24. Muses: What poetry/literary organizations did you join? 

NB: I have joined the following organizations throughout my years of writing: American Authors Association, Poetry Society of America, Christian Family Reading and Resources and The Words of a Women Net Society. 

25. Muses: Can you name at least 5 of your favorite poems in your poetrybook, Unscrambled Eggs? 

NB: I would choose the poems Unscrambled Eggs, History, Moon over Columbus, The Writer, and Sometimes as my favorites.